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miércoles, agosto 03, 2011

¿Comenzó a perder Monsanto?

Llega el Catch de Buzz de Kim y su Beeculture. Esta vez nos indica que ahora son los pesticidas y los transgenicos los invasores y nos cuenta de un par de victorias de agricultores orgánicos y tradicionales contra la transnacional Monsanto.

Se da vuelta la tortilla?. Monsanto pierde en su propio territorio y comienza a perder aún más en Europa.

Como dije antes "do not mess with us Beekeepers". Las abejas son como "los canarios en la mina" del total de la naturalez. Cuando comienza a asfixiarse el canario es hora de cambiar las practicas.


Pesticides and GMOs now the trespassers.


Be sure to check out the extensive and very informative report compiled by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) entitled Monsanto vs. U.S. Farmers for a complete history of Monsanto's war against traditional American agriculture: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/...

But it appears that the tables are now turning. Instead of Monsanto winning against organic farmers, organic farmers can now achieve victory against Monsanto. In other words, farmers being infringed upon by the drifting of GM material into their fields now have a legal leg to stand on in the pursuit of justice against Monsanto and the other biotechnology giants whose "frankencrops" are responsible for causing widespread contamination of the American food supply.

Genetic traits are highly transmissible, whether it be through pollen transfer or seed spread, and organic and non-GMO farmers have every right to seek damages for illegal trespassing when such transmission takes place. It is expected that many more organic farms will step up and begin seeking justice and compensation for damage caused by crop chemicals, GM materials, and other harmful invaders.

For too long, Monsanto has been getting away with suing farmers whose crops have become contaminated by Monsanto's patented genetic traits and chemical materials, and winning. Thankfully, the justice system seems to now recognize the severe error in this, and is now beginning to rightfully hold polluters and trespassers responsible. Monsanto, your days are numbered.

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