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lunes, enero 16, 2012

Infinito a cero

así se educan

así funcionan

y estos son los resultados que muestran

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 6:24 PM, Walter Haefeker wrote:
Just in case you had doubts about the opinion of your European customers:


Y se ponen de acuerdo en el Parlamento para dar chipe libre a la prohibición

It is only a BASF victory.
BASF is flirting with our european costumers and winning !.
BASF is increasing its propaganda by NYTimes.
They are investing where the money is without any respect to the place they and its people go.
They will remain under the German and European justice umbrella.
It is the same colonialism that cut Tupac amaru's arms and legs because he did not "hear" what the Bible said.
I am sure that no-one is not happy with this German company, that like Bayer, is poluting worldwide.
It is European customer's victory but it is another embarrassment for Europe also, isn't it?
It is a great challenge not to be ridiculus nowadays.

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