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lunes, septiembre 19, 2011

I told ya so !!!

This GMO issue is a problem not only in Germany. Maybe not a real problem, but a perception one. The EU market, the mayority of the consumers, do not want GMO, period.

While the Agro Biotech industry celebrates its 15th aniversary (2010) happy with the conquer of 29 countries around the world, several UK beekeepers are thinking "I told ya so!", in reference to the market impact of the past judgment of the european high court in relation to zero tolerance on GM pollen.

Some beekeepers have opposed the GM crops since its beginning (1999) ... at least this is what I gather from the internet (2000).

One of them have now a very anarquic proposal oppossed to any red tape in beekeeping. I liked the idea of the Old Farts!! (nice acronym) but the start of his debate was quite rude, calling RIGGED a DEFRA conference back in 2002.

Latter on (2004), the PR people even evaluated what when wrong in UK.

An looking at more recent news (2010) it seems this debate is far from over and is highly politized.

I really need to find a huge warehouse to keep my honey drums safe for a couple of years till I decide what to do with the honey or till this debate is over.

Would the GMO DNA pass the fermentation process? Would it be possible to make mead without traces of transgenic DNA?

What else could I do with my transgenic honey?

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