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lunes, febrero 21, 2011

NZ también mala temporada

Para los colegas Neozelandeses de Malborough, esta también será una mala temporada.

Rain puts paid to honey production

A flying start to the honey season came to a "screeching halt" after a post-Christmas storm, with production potentially plummeting by up to 60 per cent this season, beekeepers say.

Marlborough Beekeepers' Association president James Jenkins, of Blenheim, said the season started late last year with a "hiss and a roar".

"There was a great flow on honey coming into the hives with the kamahi but then we had the rain on December 28 and it came to a screeching halt. We never really got going again."

Very little of the high-end manuka honey was coming in and overall honey production would likely be cut by at least half, Mr Jenkins said.

That put the season firmly in the below average category, the Marlborough Gold Honey owner said.

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peter dijo...

Same story here in Western Australia!