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miércoles, enero 25, 2017

Reply to Cam

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Foto de Aluen CAP de Argentina, 

Are you still using glycerin/oxalic? 

Getting good results? 

What formula are you using. 

Yes still using it since first trial May 2015 when I heard of it through Fernando Esteban from Argentina.

I also started using at Perú with great Results.

The recipy is here

We use a 2 mm cardboard we call Piedra = Rock

One "pliego" 70x55 cm lasts for 40 to 44 strips 38 cm long by one Inch wide.
Cut half on the 70 side then each one inch (2.54 cm) and get 2 x 22 aprox strips = 44

The recipy is for TWO "Pliegos" or 80 to 88 strips (depending on the width of the cutting tool) I buy them cut by a "guillotina".

1 kilo of glycerin
0.6 kilo of oxalic

heat glycerin till 65°C (it will become cristal clear)
Add oxalic, stir till temperature rises again to 65°C
take out of heat and add the strips.
If it is the "correct" cardboard oxalic will take a read color out from the cardboard (glue?) remember that oxalic is wood bleach.

You will have to check in your case how long you need to soak them. We prepare big lots of 3300 strips and they have to be in the mix for some 3 to 4 hours. Moving them one in a while so all faces touch the fluid.
Another colleagues prepares for 80 strips in a plastic bag and add the 1.6 kilos 

Then you have to still/escurrir them so no liquid drops and be carefull of not leaving them too much time in the liquid. We then put them in bags of 60.

we put 4 strips per full 10 frames. I haven't try on doubles, put probably will put the same 4 as per the picture above.

So you have 8 "between frames" or roads with a strip. The strip is folded in half and place on top of frames. Use gloves to protect your hands eventough you can stand the strip easily. Have at hand some flour with "almidón"  to cut the acid action.

Depending on how much varroa is under the cap in the operculated cell with the bees to be born you need to decide if repeat with 4 strips again. Good to monitor. As I have around 4000 hive and the treatment is so cheap, we treat straigh away but still do our monitoring before and after each treatment

We havent treat since august/september 2016 but we split half of the hives so diluted or spread varroa.

We are treating now again 01 25 2017.

Hope this helps.

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