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miércoles, enero 28, 2015

Mas cualidades para la Miel de Ulmo

No hay fuentes, ni estudios, sólo algo que encontré en una web que oferta miel de Ulmo en Europa/Alemania.

Pure Ulmo honey is mainly harvested from the natural rain forest of southern Chile. The nectar comes from the very pretty white flowers, resembling the Camellia flower, of the Ulmo trees. Bees usually enjoy a great variety of flowers and plants but the nectar ofand aroma of the Ulmo tree is such a bee favourite that they quite often ignore other flowers nearby. The Ulmo tree can grow as tall as 130 feet high. Although it is native to Chile it can also be found in Argentina, along the North Pacific Coast and even Scotland.
Ulmo honey has the buttery taste of vanilla and caramel toffee combined with an aroma of Jasmine and cloves, with a touch of aniseed.
Ulmo honey can be used in cooking and baking for an extensive range of honey recipes. Its taste is merely delicious.
Ulmo honey seems to have the ability to reduce and stall our aging effects, these include the onset of Alzheimer's disease. It is a powerful natural healer when it comes to burns that do not need urgent medical treatment, and rashes for example.

Aquí otra cosita que menciona los estudios del señor corchete en el desagio Manuka +25 versus Ulmo +90.


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