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miércoles, noviembre 17, 2010

Ulmo Honey, a Very Pure and Special Type of Honey

Encontré un link que habla maravillas de la miel de Ulmo.

Por supuesto, como toda información de la internet hay que creerle la mitad de lo que dice, pero en general correcto.

Destaco las condiciones medicinales de la miel de Ulmo, de la que ya he hablado en posteos anteriores.

"Ulmo honey from Chile is one of those rare types of honey discoveries. This organic honey I first discovered at the National Honey Show in Addlestone, England during a wonderful visit in October 2009."

"This honey has that unique factor similar to the famous Manuka honey; this is what makes it so special."
"This honey has been extensively researched by scientists at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, the University of Chester, England and a research company in Germany."

Through some research in Germany, this kind of honey has been shown to treat with great results the wounds sustained by child leukaemia victims.

These wounds did not respond well to man-made antibiotics. Very impressive and a heart warming discovery I’m sure you’ll agree.

Further testing has revealed this special honey mixed with water makes a highly effective energy drink.

Why buy a mixture of chemicals to give you an energy boost which really doesn’t last very long when you could make your own which lasts far longer and is doing you a power of good at the same time!


Pure Ulmo honey is mainly harvested from the natural rain forests of Sothern Chile where the honey bees enjoy an abundance of nectar from which to make their honey. The nectar comes from the very pretty white flower, likened to the camellia, of the Ulmo tree.

When in full bloom the flowers from the Ulmo tree are so thick that you could be forgiven for mistaking from a distance this beautiful sight as a soft white comfortable blanket!

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