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lunes, marzo 30, 2009

Leatherwood también falló 2009

El Leatherwood, primoaustraliano del Ulmo, también tuvo una mala temporada segun se desprende


Sticky times for leatherwood honey

Tasmanian honey producers are ranking this year's leatherwood harvest as one of the worst on record.

Leatherwood is the main money-maker for Tasmanian apiarists.

Lindsay Bourke, from Cradle Mountain Honey, employs up to six beekeepers to harvest leatherwood across both the west and north west, and estimates that his harvest has been halved.

"Some of the beekeepers who didn't have [carryover] stock will find it very difficult this year to supply contracts," he says.

Mr Bourke puts the poor crop down to the season being too cold and dry.

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