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martes, diciembre 16, 2008

Ventas Comparativas

Dificil que nos entren las plagas que faltan. El pequeño escarabajo de la colmena (SHB) o el Tropilaelaps clarae?

Sin duda más difícil que en el caso de Australia, donde el SHB es lugar común (no en toda la isla, pero en gran parte) y donde la incursion no controlada de Apis cerana los tiene en alerta y en conflicto con su exportaciones de paquetes a USA.


Australian Bees on Hold? Apis cerena infestation finally gets noticed.



For nearly a year Australian authorities have been finding nests of Apis cereana in the very northern part of their country. And so far, they have not been able to find them all or eradicate the species from the area they have invaded and taken over. Having these bees on the Australian continent is in violation of the export permits set up between our two countries, and APHIS this weekend made a move to examine the situation.

Bee Culture has been reporting these finds for months with no action taken by either the Australian or U.S. governments in examining and perhaps either changing or stopping the export permits of Australian bees to the U.S.

Apis cerena, as you are probably aware is the natural host for varroa mites, Nosema ceranae, and Tropilaelaps clarae. The first two pests they have already shared with our bees, with devastating results. The last, another phoretic mite, is even worse on European bees than varroa, and European bees have no known resistance or tolerance to this mite.

It is thought that because the incursion was minor, has stayed minor, was so far away from where the exported bees are raised, and to date no mites have been found with the captured nests, they could eventually be eradicated. It seems that APHIS and their Australian counterpart are reconsidering that decision, due to common sense, or pressure from U.S. beekeepers to make sure this pest does not come to the U.S. in a package of bees.

It is not known yet if this will stop, slow or not affect shipping bees to the U.S. this season.

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