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sábado, noviembre 01, 2008

El primo de Australia es medicinal

Como decian en otro posteo, el Ulmo chileno tiene un primo en Australia, el Leatherwood, y ahora resulta que es medicinal, igual que el nuestro.


Tasmanian leatherwood honey high in medicinal properties

A Tasmanian leatherwood honey producer is about to start challenging New Zealand's honey industry for the top spot in the premium medicinal honey market.

Launceston company, Australian Honey Products, is testing its honey for medicinal properties, and managing director, Lindsay Bourke, says much of his leatherwood honey is proving to be better than New Zealand's manuka (mah-NOO-kuh).

Mr Bourke says he's been talking with buyers from all over the world at a major organic trade fair in Japan.

"We always thought it was a terrible little honey, called manuka or leptospermum, and for many years we were ringing each other and saying you can't go up there are get your leatherwood yet, because that horrible manuka honey is still flowering," he says.

"But now we know it isn't horrible manuka, it's an excellent product."

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